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by GemMartUSA Team 15 Oct 2019 0 Comments

A piece of jewelry is often also that tangible preciousness that reminds us of who and what matters to us. Memories, messages, emotions and so much more. Just touching and twisting that ring that your loved one gave you when you were so down, can be comforting. One can look at the piece, once worn by a family member, so full of significance. The piece might not be valuable or even be very pretty. Yet, their value for you is priceless.

This conversation is with a designer who got inspired by her travels to make and share, what she considered a small hobby and what she has now built into something much more than just passion or interest! Meet Vi Dimm from nViDesign, who feels like she has grown along with the evolution in her jewelry designs as well as gaining confidence in herself with this venture into the handcrafted jewelry business.

*featuring the image of Vi and her constant support- her husband.

Read on to know this creative and fun-loving girl that is aiming in making people happy through her designs.


Your shop is your visions in physical shapes, Please do tell us what it is about and how you came up with it.

Jewelry making started out as a hobby for me after my trip to Hawaii, where I was introduced to handmade jewelry sold at local markets. After months of consideration, nViDesign later was formed as a way to share my passion with others who have similar jewelry style as mine. My jewelry style has evolved so much since the first day my shop was opened, but my intention remains the same – to create beautiful jewelry that my customers will love and treasure. 


How was your initial Journey?

When I first started selling on Etsy, the biggest struggle was getting traffic to my shop. I tried everything from Etsy promoted listings, to Facebook/Instagram promotions, to endless plugs on my personal social media accounts (which I hated doing). I eventually learned that growth requires patience. Sales were slow at the beginning, but the few customers I had become returning customers. Then as my Instagram slowly grew, there was more interest in my products.


Also, help us learn more about you? Any major change as a creator?

I see myself as a person expressing her artistic side. I love colors, sparkly things, and love making people happy. With jewelry making, I get to express myself and make others happy at the same time. It is always a huge compliment to have someone love my product enough to purchase it. It is a bigger compliment to receive custom orders, where I am trusted to create something personal just for them. As my business grows, I realize that I am becoming more confident in the value I provide to my customers. That is one of the biggest changes I’ve noticed in myself.


A photo of Vi’s cat photobombing her photo station


Life seems easy with friends and family, our supporters, whether physical or emotional, tell us about them.

As far as the physical aspect of the business, I do everything from sourcing gemstones, designing & creating the product, to photographing, and administrative work. My husband and family provide a lot of emotional support – and this is very important to me because I can spend time and be creative without worries.


What is your inspiration in creating and the thought process when you get them photographed?

My inspirations mostly come from nature and my love for shapes and colors. I usually visualize the shape of the earring first, then think about which stones or colors will go well with that shape. With photography, I feel that it’s necessary to always have a good amount of natural lighting – this helps me capture the true colors of the piece, and how light is reflected off of the gemstones. I also like to take closeups, where the details of the piece are highlighted. 


Vi’s beautiful creations! You can spot the props she uses in her photos


Favorite Quotes? Tell us about it too.

“There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.” – Buddha

To me, “truth” in this quote is anything I want to accomplish. I have never been great at getting started on things. But once I start something, I am determined to see it through. This quote always reminds me that a roadblock is not the end of the road; I may need to walk around it, but my journey does not end until I am ready for it to end. 

“Empowered women empower women”

I have received so much support and encouragement from my fellow makers on the Instagram community. More than ever, I love supporting other women. There is so much talent out there! 


How do you connect with customers?

I communicate with my customers mainly through Etsy and Instagram messaging. I love to have fun interactions with my Instagram followers through my stories, whether it’s a poll or a fun quiz.


You must be having a Business Mantra! Share! Share!


Vi’s desk where she works at.
She says “It is nowhere near this neat when I’m working though!”


I have learned to enjoy the process! When I started this business, I did not think that I would meet so many wonderful ladies on Instagram – but now that I’ve connected with many beautiful souls, I love supporting them as well as connecting with my followers, even though it takes time. I have also learned to enjoy photographing my pieces. I spend hours and hours to photograph one piece, to result in 2 or 3 great photos. But I have fun playing around with different angles, taking group shots, etc. The most rewarding thing that has made this journey totally worth it is definitely getting feedback from my customers. 


Word of Advice to someone wanting to follow your footsteps?

Be yourself. Have your own style. Create what you love. There will be times when you are tempted to imitate others’ designs because they seem to be popular, but don’t give in to that temptation. It is most rewarding when your customers love your original ideas. 

Be patient. It is so common to watch others succeed and wonder why your business is not growing as fast. Grow at your own pace, and celebrate each small victory. Celebrate that first sale, celebrate reaching 50 followers, celebrate that first custom order. It is good to watch and learn from others, but don’t compare your successes. Your journey will be much more enjoyable when you stop and smell the roses. And don’t forget to thank those who help you along the way.


You can follow and check on her exquisite jewelry pieces at

Sample Image Gallery

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