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by GemMartUSA Team 26 Nov 2019 0 Comments

"I am going to make everything around me beautiful - that will be my life."  - Elise De Wolfe

A quote that this shop surely imbibes. You can feel the magic and the free-spirited aura from the whimsical and yet powerful designs that Jenni creates. A traveler who has always followed her heart in terms of family and career choices, her jewelry shows her bold and beautiful life and the way she plays with the colors, natural forces, and gemstones.

Meet Jenni West of TheBohemianFairie, who has surely lived life on her own terms, enjoying and going with the life flow. With a positive outlook and doing what she loves, join us to know her more.


 Jenni's fairy, Ella


Jenni, Your shop is so attractive! Tell me how you came with it!

My Daughter, Ella, was my inspiration for opening my Etsy Shop, The Bohemian Fairie. Her name means Beautiful Fairy and I have a Bohemian Style. I originally started creating whimsical headbands then it morphed into creating jewelry. Initially, I was making beaded necklaces and piercing together chains and pendants. In addition, over the last two years, I have gained more skills and have taken up Metal Smithing.


How were you able to get over the initial roadblocks?

Initially, it was a struggle to grow on Instagram and establishing a social media following but over time, I have learned how to navigate and create a successful growing business thanks to social media exposure. 


So how did it all start for you? 

Before I started metalsmithing, I remember seeing a Monarch Opal Crescent Moon Ring on Instagram and I was mesmerized by it and it reawakened my love for the Moon and all things magical. I have always been captivated by Magic and choose to see it in every day living. I also incorporate crystals in my pieces and their healing properties. There is so much beauty in the world and I absolutely love capturing its essence in my art. 


Wow! How do you do it all?

The Bohemian Fairie is a one-woman show with the help of my loving husband who always supports my dreams. I take weekly classes at The Craft Guild of Dallas with a wonderful instructor who has over 40 years of experience, Marilyn O’Hara. She is absolutely incredible and I owe a huge part of my growth to her. 

 Jenni and family

Jenni with her loved ones (husband and three beautiful children Eli, Ella and Monroe)


What is your process when creating and photographing your pieces?

I am a Free Spirit and enjoy metalsmithing so much because I am able to create, with Freedom, the visions I see in my mind. When photographing my pieces, I strive to evoke emotion so that when someone looks at the picture, they can feel it and are moved by it. That is also why I post quotes with my pictures so that my followers can connect to it personally. 


Share some favorite quotes of yours that inspire you.

 There are so many quotes that inspire me. These are some of my favorites;

“Guided by stars, kisses by moonlight she left a trail of glitter.” Stephanie Ryan

“She was wild and free, her dreams made of moonlight and stars” ~Unknown

“She loves moonlight and rainstorms and so many other things that have soul” ~JmStoem

“She was Born to be Free, let her run wild in her own way and you will never lose her” ~ Niki Rowe

That last one fits me perfectly️


Everything we do makes us learn, so what has been your discovery!

Through this process, I have learned that I have a creative mind and have just now come to understand and feel comfortable with this way of thinking. It can not be forced and has to happen organically. So I let creativity flow naturally. In the beginning, it was like a rollercoaster of emotions, but over time I’ve realized this is the natural flow of things. 

 jenni and ella

Jenni's love and Inspiration


Any message for those who are looking forward to getting into the jewelry business?

To those who are thinking of getting into the jewelry business, believe in yourself and the visions in your mind. If you don’t, no one will. Simple as that. And be grateful for everything, the ups, and the downs. It is all part of the process to help you grow and be the best you can be.

 “Shine like the whole universe is yours” ~Rumi

Jenni west

The Free-Spirited Jenni!

Sample Image Gallery

gemstone connector beads, gemstone connector pendant
  • Aqua Chalcedony
  • Rose Chalcedony
Pears 34x16mm Gold Plated Single Bail Gemstone Bezel Connector - Aqua Chalcedony
Make stunning jewellery with these gemstone connectors. This connector can be used to make earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets and much more.S P E C I F I C A T I O N S:Stone Name - Pick StoneMetal - Gold PlatedShape - PearsStone Size - 34x16mmConnector...
$6.98 USD
$9.99 USD
$6.98 USD
Green Onyx 3-3.5mm Oxidized Wire Wrapped Beads Rosary Chain (762857881647)
Green Onyx 3-3.5mm Oxidized Wire Wrapped Beads Rosary Chain
The eternally haute rosary chains are the perfect examples of comfortable yet captivating fashion. These handcrafted beads rosary chains are available at GemMart as finished rosary necklaces or simply as chain by foot. Available in sterling silver, vermeil or in gold, silver and black...
From $2.78 USD
$3.99 USD
From $2.78 USD
Quick Add
Baroque Pearl Drop 29x15mm Gold Plated Necklace Chain Pendant
Baroque Pearl Drop 29x15mm Gold Plated Necklace Chain Pendant
Baroque Pearl Drop 29x15mm Gold Plated Necklace Chain Pendant Simple and Elegant looking unique piece suits with any Party Gown. This Beautiful Pearl Gemstone Necklace wearing will make you special and different from others in any gathering. Specifications:- Stone Name: Baroque Pearl Stone Size:...
$18.18 USD
$25.99 USD
$18.18 USD
930 x 520px


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